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  1. Baron strainer - chrome

    Beautifully designed baron strainer with a chrome finish. Fits most mixing glasses and shakers Learn More
  2. Basic hawthorne Strainer

    basic hawthorne strainer. Fits most shakers and mixing glasses. Learn More
  3. Deluxe no prong strainer - chrome

    No pronged strainer with a tight coil for an efficient single strain. fits most shakers and mixing glasses. Chrome finish Learn More
  4. Fine strainer

    Fine strainer for double straining shaken cocktails. Learn More
  5. Flat Spoon

    30cm flat top bar spoon Learn More
  6. Ice Scoop

    12oz aluminium ice scoop Learn More
  7. ishizuka - plain mixing glass

    Plain mixing glass - Made in Japan - 700ml Learn More
  8. King size Ice Tray - 6 cubes

    2" x 2" inch king size ice cube tray. silicone mould, machine washable and easy to stack in freezer to store plenty of backups. Makes 6 cubes Learn More
  9. Multi level jigger

    multi level jigger with 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 45ml, 60ml and 75ml increments. Learn More
  10. Toyo Sasaki - plain mixing glass

    Plain mixing glass with a straight base. Great value for money Learn More
  11. Trident Spoon

    30cm Japanese trident spoon Learn More
  12. unweighted toby tin shaker set

    unweighted 28oz and 18oz toby tin set Learn More
  13. Victorinox bar knife - Black

    22cm serrated Victorinox bar knife - Made of carbon Stainless steel (Black) Learn More